Psychology South Essex


There  are several causes of work place stress: some may be work-related and some may originate from an individual's personal life. Either way, it is often seen as a manager's responsibility to identify stressors within their organisations and put actions in place to address these either organisation-wide or individually. 

Consulting with a team of experienced Clinical Psychologists may be useful for managers who are required to implement support for their employees. A consultation may be of particular value to you as a manager if you find yourself in one of the following scenarios…

… perhaps the employees of your organisation feel unable to cope with the demands of their job

… or maybe they indicate that they do not have a say about the way they work…

… sometimes employees suddenly begin to complain that they do not understand their role and responsibilities thoroughly enough to perform well…

… or perhaps the the employees begin to say that your organisation engages in organisational change too frequently


Any of the above concerns can result in worrying outcomes for an organisation, such as high staff turnover, sudden lack of commitment (for example lateness) or increased sickness levels and they may lead employees to feel that they have not been treated as well as they deserve. While these situations and experiences are common for all organisations, sometimes it may be an indicator that the organisation is experiencing a difficult time.

At Psychology South Essex we are experienced in helping organisations to identify the signs of organisational stress at an early stage. This, in turn, increases the possibility that action can be taken to deal with the signs of stress and their underlying causes, thus minimising the effects on the organisation and the risk to the individual's health and well-being. Ways in which we can assist may be a psychological consultation, a coaching session or a training session which will lead to widening the manager's skill base and helping the organisation to devise clear, bespoke and research based policies.

The sessions we offer may focus on one of the following:

- Training managers to have a greater awareness and confidence in managing psychological distress experienced by employees as a consequence of work or life stress.

- Helping senior managers to maintain their psychological well-being in order to continue to maximise productivity.

- Setting up mindfulness programmes for employees  

- Specialist training for staff teams on managing stress, problem solving, time management.

We would be happy to discuss your and your Organisation’s unique needs so that we could work out the the most suitable intervention for your team.